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Diva Wins a 5 Pts. Major and a 3 Pts. Major at the Northern California Terrier Specialty

Mr. Torres with his beloved companion and Service Dog Brassy "Michl R Brassy"

A former policeman, Mr. Emilio Torres was in a rollover accident that has left him paralyzed.  

Brassy pulls Emilio wheel chair, carries parcels, pulls doors open and hold them open while Emilio enters and exits doors.

Besides the help he gives, Brassy is his constant companion never leaving his side.

Brassy is a Redneck son, that was giving to Mr. Emilio as a token of our gratitude to his service to our community.


"In relentless pursuit of Beauty & Health"

Health Certifications
BISS CH Willynwood Redneck, CGC, OFAf/ca/el, CERF

CH Willynwood Bold Crusader, OFAg

CH Willynwood Mary Lou Michl, CGC, OFAf

Ch. Michl Rockets Red Glare, OFAf/ca

CH Michl Nothing Up My Steve, OFAf/ca>

CH Lille Venn of Michl R, CD, CGC, OFAf/el/thy

CH Michl R American Flyer Icon, OFAf/ca

BISS CH Michl R Simply Simpatico, OFAca/hips pending

CH Redneck Country Girl, OFAg

CH Michl R Bold and Beautiful, OFAg

CH Michl R Redneck Ruby, OFAg

CH Siouxsity Medicine Man, OFAf

Ch Siouxsity Lawman, OFAf

Michl R American Flying Ace, OFAf,el

Michl R Black Eyed Susan, OFAf/ca,thy-n

Michl R Classic Redhead, OFAf

CH Michl R Boomerang, OFAf,el

CH Michl R Finders Keepers, CGC, OFAprelim g, el/ca, thy-n

CH Michl R Keepsake, CD, OFAf/el

Keep watching for updates!!

Multi BISS Int/Mex/Am Ch Willynwood Redneck, CGC, OFA hips, elbows, heart, CERF

Bubba passed away June 30, 2004 - just about a month away from his 14th birthday. I had the pleasure and honor to show Bubba through his great career starting at the age of 3 years with his first group placement. Bubba and I competed through the western USA, Mexico and oversee in Europe. Bubba won the 1994 Nationals and received Awards of Merit at most of the Nationals he attended. His kids and grandkids have been equally successful in the show rings around the world. Bubba's greatest victory was winning the hearts of his family, ringside supports and MY HEART via his outstanding temperament.

Once in a lifetime- a great dog touches our lives.
I am glad Bubba was in my lifetime! - Stephen Cabral


In 1990 I received a dog from Bill Peterson to help finish his championship.  Little did I know at the time how this dog would change my life and have dynamic influence on the American Staffordshire Terrier breed.  This dog’s name is Redneck aka Bubba. > Redneck was a different type and style of Am Staff then being shown in California at the time.  He had a beautiful arched neck and ample forechest that gave a curve to the front you so seldom see now and then.  The other features that set him apart from his competitors were his distinct cheek muscles, his wide set and well turned rear, and his rich, red color.

His temperament was confident, stable and steady.  I would discover his temperament and confirmation were> not his strongest asset.  Not until he sired a few litters from several bitches did I realize he had potential to reproduce himself and imprint to his get the confirmation characteristics that set him apart in competition.

Redneck is one of the most influential sires if not the most influential sire in the breed around the world.  As I tell his story I’m sure you will agree
> many kennels have produced nice winning dogs sent around the world  No one single dog can equal Redneck’s research to produce Specialty and World winners around the world.

In October 1994 after Redneck won the National Specialty, at the suggestion of Judge Ronald Khron I began semen storage on Redneck.  At this time semen storage was limited but I could see it would become the wave of the future to enhance one’s breeding program.

In December 1994 I was contacted by Lugh Jenkins from Australia to purchase semen.  As a result of this, Redneck produced a Specialty Winner, YANEGUA DIESEL and DUST, owned by Stephen Cauchi. Next I was contacted by Bergstaff Kennel in Norway for semen that produced BERGSTAFF BEAVIS 1998 Junior World Winner in Finland.

 In 1995 Raymond Snip from the Netherlands called requesting a male show dog.  At that time the Am Staff was well established in the Netherlands from many USA kennels.

 Redneck bred to Willynwood Dana produced the first Am Staff to win an All Breed Best In Show in the Netherlands – Willynwood HIGH TERM aka Mucho.

Then Henk Massmeyer from the Netherlands called for a show female.  I sent MICHL ROSES ARE RED aka Lacey. This Redneck daughter won Best of Breed at 11 months in 1996 Halverson Bi-Annual Specialty under Dr. Sam Draper with entry of 58.  Handled by Paul Marks, Parastone Kennel. During this same time period in my kennel I bred Willynwood Red, White and Blue aka Belsy to Redneck.  I repeated this breeding three times to produce three National Specialty Winners Bitches.
1995 Willynwood Mary Lou Michl

Later in 2002 Redneck bred to MICHL R ALL JAZZED UP produced Fourth.  National Specialty Winners Bitch – MICHL R REDNECK RUBY. Four National Specialty Winners Bitch by some stud dog is a record to be defeated.

In 1998 Kazu Kiguchi called from Japan admiring Redneck and requesting to come visit our kennel.  He purchased a Redneck son Ch MICHL R Ruffneck and an 8-week pup Musachi.  Kazu requested Musachi stay in the states to complete his American Champion and take him to the 1999 World Show.  At the 1999 World Show a Redneck son Ch MICHL R NOTHING UP MY STEVE aka Stevie won World Winner and MUSACHI was the Junior World Winner.  Ruffneck was the first Am Staff into Japan.  Japan honored Ruffneck by placing his picture on Japan  Kennel Club Magazine.  I visited Japan twice and Japan visited our kennel several times to continue learning about the Am Staff.

Redneck pups have been sent to Switzerland, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela.  Many more to come through modern technology of frozen sperm.



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